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The Natural Petaseptic lotion (now named SKIN RELIEF SPRAY) formula was first discovered by a Florida doctor around 1910. As a traveling doctor he constantly ran in to patients asking for treatments for their pets who suffered from fleas, hot spots, fire ant bites, and dry/itchy skin from the Florida heat. He sourced local products to come up with his natural pet product to treat the pets he encountered.

Petaseptic was officially formed in 1941 (under the name Venuswan) and has been in business ever since. After all of these years, we are still family owned and operated. We made it a priority to use the same formula Petaseptic customers have used for over 100 years. As the new owners, we have taken pride in keeping the product the same, however we are excited that we have many new products coming your way. We would like to ensure you all products are hand crafted and packaged by us right here in the USA.

We are thankful for our customers and are always here for any questions or concerns that you may have.


             The Currier Family

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